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Our platform brings together all your needs into one simple space. We eliminate the hassle of paperwork, email, and phone calls. Our system integrates multiple features, providing easy access to position papers, resolutions, attendance, and awards.

 Create your councils

International Labor Organization
World Health Organization
Human Right's Committee

 Invite other schools

University of Toronto
Northeastern University
Bahrain Bayan School

 Review applicants


Go beyond registration

Position Papers

Delegates can upload their position papers, allowing chairs to correct the position papers online.


Resolutions are automatically assessed and formatted according to THIMUN standard.


QR-Codes are assigned to each participant, allowing staff easily identify them when scanned.


Engage with your attendees through targeted announcements.


Chairs have access to their council's roster and can take attendance online.


Chairs assign awards to delegates online. You can then simply view award recipients in one central place.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction

As a chair, it gave me easy access to all my needs, thus guaranteeing a swift transition from task to task.
Salman Sater
Salman Sater
Chair at BayMUN
I have been directing BayMUN for 10 years. Thanks to you, this year couldn't have been smoother.
Radia Ali
Radia Ali
BayMUN Faculty Director
ManageUN given us a fast and effective way to communicate with our delegates and helped us keep track of the participants and payments.
Layan Ghamloush
OISMUN Student Director

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